Pama Records Sound Archives

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From 1967 to 1975 Pama Records were second only to Trojan in their output of Reggae in the UK. This site aims to be a reference for all of the material put out by Pama throughout their short, but very prolific existence. From the Palmer brothers first plunge into the record business with Carlton Alphonso's "Where In This World" to the final fade out with The Sons of Jah's "Nyah Chant" they will all be here (including B sides). Great singles such as "The Drifter", "Heart Don't Leap" and "Dry Acid" to the awful "Hello Dolly" and "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window". Yes - Even the Butlin's Redcoat Revue's "Ay Oop Lad, It's Terry Dale" is here.

Information about each record is as accurate as I can ascertain. The main entry is taken from the label with the obvious typo's cleaned up. e.g.. Reggie Hit The Town by The Eathopians (sic. CRAB4A) is listed as Reggae Hit The Town by the Ethiopians. Errors on labels such as Bullet 478B which states Drums Of Passion by Morgan's All Stars is listed as such with the correct information i.e. Judgement Rock by Charlie Ace, detailed in a pop-up as you drag the mouse over the link.  Most of this information has come from the book "Tighten Up! The History of Reggae in the UK" - an absolute must for anyone interested in Pama records and UK reggae in general.  Other information here has been gleaned from numerous sources and exceptionally knowledgeable people - Thank you all.


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ECO/SECO Series Albums 1969-1970

PMLP/PMLP-SP Series Albums 1968-1973

PMP Series Albums 1971-1973

PSP Series Albums 1969-1970

Other Albums released by Pama



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If you find any glaring mistakes please let me know.


Mega thanks to everyone who has supplied me with recordings and for making this website possible.


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The sound samples on this site are provided for reference only. All samples are cropped by at least 30 seconds and are of low quality (64Kbps/32KHz). This is far from commercial quality, but is more than sufficient for the purpose for which they are intended.

While every effort has been made to make this site accurate in both the actual sound samples and the descriptions, I can't be held responsible for any errors.


This site is still very much under construction. What is here is functional, it's just not very tidy yet and needs a lot more sound files......

This site is being constructed and maintained by Geoff Elkington with the help of a lot of kind, generous and knowledgeable people who are putting me right, answering my questions, and giving me recordings of their prized (and in some instances very rare) vinyl. Many thanks to all of them.  This site is operated on a completely non-commercial basis. Nothing is for sale here and I am not receiving any payment from anyone. I am doing this because I love the music.