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UN500A Slim Smith - On Broadway

UN500B Lester Sterling - Unity Is Strength


UN501A Stranger Cole And Tommy McCook - Last Flight To Reggae City

UN501B Junior Smith - Watch Dem Go


UN502A Stranger Cole And Lester Sterling - Bangarang

UN502B Stranger Cole - If We Should Ever Meet


UN503A Max Romeo - Wet Dream

UN503B Max Romeo - She's But A Little Girl


UN504A Slim Smith - Everybody Needs Love

UN504B Junior Smith - Come Back Girl


UN505A Lester Sterling - Reggae On Broadway

UN505B The Clique - Love Can Be Wonderful


UN506A Tommy McCook - The Avengers

UN506B Laurel Aitken - Donkey Man


UN507A Max Romeo - Belly Woman

UN507B Paulette And The Lovers - Please Stay


UN508A Slim Smith - For Once In My Life

UN508B Slim Smith - Burning Desire


UN509A Lester Sterling - Spoogy

UN509B Tommy McCook - Monkey Fiddle


UN510A Slim Smith - Zip-Pa-Di-Do-Dah

UN510B Slim Smith - On Broadway


UN511A Max Romeo - Twelfth Of Never

UN511B The Tartans - Solid As A Rock


UN512A Lester Sterling - Regina

UN512B Lester Sterling - Bright As A Rose


UN513A Slim And Paulette - Let It Be Me

UN513B Slim And Paulette - Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things


UN514A Stranger Cole - When I Get My Freedom

UN514B Stranger Cole - Life Can Be Beautiful


UN515A Slim Smith - Somebody To Love

UN515B Slim Smith - Confusion


UN515A Slim Smith - Somebody To Love

UN515B The Uniques - Ain't Too Proud To Beg


UN516A Max Romeo - Wine Her Goosie

UN516B King Cannon - Fire Ball


UN517A Lester Sterling - 1,000 Tons Of Megaton

UN517B King Cannon - Five Card Stud


UN518A Lester Sterling - Man About Town

UN518B Lester Sterling - Man At The Door


UN519A D Tony Lee - Peyton Place

UN519B D Tony Lee - Red Gal Ring


UN520A Slim Smith - Slip Away

UN520B Slim Smith - Spanish Harlem


UN521A Max Romeo - Wine Her Goosie

UN521B Max Romeo - I Don't Want To Lose Your Love


UN522A Prince Buster And The All Stars - Thirty Pieces Of Silver

UN522B Prince Buster And The All Stars - Everybody Ska


UN523A - Not Traced

UN523B - Not Traced


UN524A Slim Smith - Sunny Side Of The Sea

UN524B Slim Smith - Place In The Sun


UN525A Peter Tosh - The Return Of Al Capone

UN525B Lennox Brown - The Q Club


UN526A Ranny Williams - Pepper Seed

UN526B Ranny Williams - Ambitious Beggar


UN527A Slim Smith And The Uniques - Blessed Are The Meek

UN527B Slim Smith And The Uniques - My Conversation


UN528A The Hippy Boys - Dreams To Remember

UN528B The Hippy Boys - Peace Maker


UN529A Peter Tosh - Sun Valley

UN529B Headley Bennett - Drums Of Fu-Mancu


UN530A The Reggae Boys - What You Gonna Do

UN530B Headley Bennett - Hot Coffee


UN531A Lester Sterling - Lonesome Feeling

UN531B Lester Sterling - Bright As A Rose


UN532A Max Romeo - Mini Skirt Vision

UN532B Max Romeo - Far Far Away


UN533A Bunny Lee All Stars - HookUp

UN533B Bunny Lee All Stars - Full Up


UN534A Tommy McCook - Dream Boat

UN534B Tommy McCook - Tommy's Dream


UN535A Tommy McCook - Peanut Vendor

UN535B Tommy McCook - 100,000 Tons Of Rock


UN536A Doreen Schaeffer - No Matter What

UN536B Doreen Schaeffer - Walk Through This World


UN537A Slim Smith - Keep That Light Shining On Me

UN537B Slim Smith - Build My World Around You


UN538A Doreen Schaeffer - How Much Is That Doggy In The Window

UN538B Doreen Schaeffer - As Long As He Needs Me


UN539A Slim Smith - Love Me Tender

UN539B Slim Smith - This Feeling


UN540A Derrick Morgan - Derrick Top-The-Pop

UN540B Glen Adams - Capone's Revenge


UN541A Bunny Lee All Stars - Day Dream

UN541B Bunny Lee All Stars - Joy Ride


UN542A Slim Smith - Honey

UN542B Slim Smith - There's A Light


UN543A Lloyd Willis And Bunny Lee's All Stars - Ivan Hitler The Conquerer

UN543B Lloyd Willis And Bunny Lee's All Stars - The Splice


UN544A Max Romeo And The Hippy Boys - Melting Pot

UN544B The Hippy Boys - Death Rides A Horse


UN545A Max Romeo And The Hippy Boys - Clap Clap

UN545B Max Romeo - You've Got Your Troubles


UN546A Derrick Morgan - Return Of Jack Slade

UN546B Derrick Morgan - Fat Man


UN547A Max Romeo With The Bunny Lee All Stars - What A Cute Man

UN547B Max Romeo With The Bunny Lee All Stars - Buy You A Rainbow


UN548A John Holt - Sometimes

UN548B Bunny Lee All Stars - Lash-La-Rue


UN549A John Holt - Sea Cruise

UN549B Bunny Lee All Stars - Niney's Hop


UN550A - Not Traced

UN550B - Not Traced


UN551A Freddie McGregor - Why Did My Little Girl Cry

UN551B Peter Austin - Change Partners


UN552A John Holt - Walking Along

UN552B Bunny Lee All Stars - Warfare


UN553A Ken Parker - When You Were Mine

UN553B The Clarendonians - The Angels


UN554A Errol Dunkley - My Special Prayer

UN554B Errol Dunkley - Never Hurt The One You Love


UN555A The Soul Mates - Ten Cents

UN555B Doreen Schaeffer - Stay With Me Forever


UN556A John Holt - Gonna Give Her All The Love I Got

UN556B Busty Brown - Nobody But You


UN557A Eric 'Monty' Morris - Do It My Way

UN557B Eric 'Monty' Morris - Where In The World (Are You Going)


UN558A The Corsairs - Goodnight My Love

UN558B The Corsairs - Lover Girl


UN559A Delroy Wilson - Drink Wine Everybody

UN559B Joe White - Someone To Call My Own


UN560A Max Romeo - Fish In The Pot

UN560B Max Romeo - Feel It


UN561A Little John - No Love

UN561B Little John - A Little Tear


UN562A Lester Sterling - Slip Up

UN562B Dave Barker - On Broadway


UN562A Bob Marley And The Wailers - Duppy Conquerer

UN562B The Upsetters - Justice


UN563A Niney And Bunny Lee's All Stars - Skankee

UN563B Niney And Bunny Lee's All Stars - Skankee (Version 2)


UN564A Ernest Wilson - Love Makes The World Go Round

UN564B Ernest Wilson - Love (Version Instrumental)


UN565A Mark Anthony And The Jets - More Balls

UN565B Mark Anthony And The Jets - Bum Ball


UN566A The Third Dimension - Peace And Love

UN566B The Third Dimension - Peace And Love (Version)


UN567A Dave Barker And Slim Smith - Blessed Are The Meek

UN567B Jeff Barnes And The Uniques - The People's Voice


UN568A Jeff Barnes And Roland Alphonso - 1,000 Tons Of Version

UN568B U Roy And Jeff Barnes - Wake The Nation


UN569A Derrick Morgan - Conquering Ruler

UN569B Derrick Morgan - Bedweight


UN570A Slim Smith - Jenny

UN570B Slim Smith - The Race


UN571A Max Romeo - Macabee Version

UN571B The Soul Syndicate - Music Book


UN572A Max Romeo - Rent Crisis

UN572B Max Romeo - Rent Crisis (Version)


UN573A Dirty Harry - Big Haire

UN573B Young Doug - Skank In Skank


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