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First Series (1968-1973)

PM700A Carlton Alphonso - Where In This World

PM700B Carlton Alphonso - Peace Makers


PM701A Clancy Eccles - What Will Your Mama Say

PM701B Clancy Eccles - Darling Don't Do That


PM702A Little John And The Shadrocks - Let's Get Married

PM702B Little John And The Shadrocks - Around The World


PM703A The Clancy Set - Western Organ

PM703B The Clancy Set - Mother's Advice


PM704A Miss Jane - Bad Minded People

PM704B The Trials - My Heart Is Aching


PM705A - Unverified

PM705B - Unverified


PM706A Rico Rodriguez - Soul Man

PM706B Rico Rodriguez - It's Not Unusual


PM707A Alton Ellis - The Message

PM707B Alton Ellis - Some Talk


PM708A - Unverified

PM708B - Unverified


PM709A - Unverified

PM709B - Unverified


PM710A Lloyd Tyrell - Bang Bang Lulu

PM710B Mrs Miller - I Never Knew


PM711A Ernest Ranglin - Heartbeat

PM711B The Coolers - Birds Of The Air


PM712A Clancy Eccles - The Fight

PM712B Clancy Eccles - Great


PM713A - Unverified

PM713B - Unverified


PM714A - Unverified

PM714B - Unverified


PM715A Rico Rodriguez - Tenderfoot Ska

PM715B Rico Rodriguez - Memories


PM716A Beverly Simmons - Mr Pitiful

PM716B Beverly Simmons - That's How Strong My Love Is


PM717A Alton Ellis - The Time Is Right

PM717B Johnny Moore - Tribute To Sir Alex


PM718A The Joyce Bond Show - Back To School

PM718B The Joyce Bond Show - They Wash


PM719A The Mohawks - The Champ

PM719B The Mohawks - Sound Of The Witchdoctors


PM719A The Mohawks - The Champ

PM719B The Mohawks - Baby Hold On


PM720A Tommy McKenzie Orchestra - Fiddle Sticks

PM720B Lascelles And Yvonne - Please Stay


PM721A Eric 'Monty' Morris - Say What You're Saying

PM721B Eric 'Monty' Morris - Tears In Your Eyes


PM722A Clancy's All Stars - CN Express

PM722B Clancy's All Stars - CN Express Part 2


PM723A Lyn Taitt And The Jets - Soul Food

PM723B Soul Boy - Music Flames


PM724A - Unverified

PM724B - Unverified


PM725A The Crowns - I Know It's Alright

PM725B The Crowns - I Surrender


PM726A Diana Landor - Afro Blue

PM726B Diana Landor - Empty Little Shadow


PM727A - Unverified

PM727B - Unverified


PM728A Anthony Deeley - Don't Change Your Mind About Me

PM728B Anthony Deeley - Anytime Man


PM729A The Termites - Push It Up

PM729B The Termites - Two Of A Kind


PM730A Norman T Washington - Same Thing All Over

PM730B Norman T Washington - You've Been Cheating


PM731A Little Beverly - You're Mine

PM731B Little Beverly - What A Guy


PM732A Dr Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream

PM732B Dr Martin Luther King - Top Of The Mountain


PM733A The Milwaukee Coasters - Sick And Tired (Oh Babe)

PM733B The Milwaukee Coasters - Treat Me Nice


PM734A Knights Of The Round Table - Lament To Bobby Kennedy

PM734B Knights Of The Round Table - If You Were My Girl


PM735A Bobby Patterson And The Mustangs - Broadway Ain't Funky No More

PM735B Bobby Patterson And The Mustangs - I Met My Match


PM736A The Crowns - Jerking The Dog

PM736B The Crowns - Keep Me Going


PM737A - Unverified

PM737B - Unverified


PM738A The Termites - Show Me The Way

PM738B The Termites - What Can I Do


PM739A The Mohawks - Baby Hold On

PM739B The Mohawks - Baby Hold On, Part 2


PM740A Lloyd Tyrell - How Come

PM740B Mrs Miller - Oh My Lover


PM741A Norman T Washington - Tip Toe

PM741B Norman T Washington - Don't Hang Around


PM742A The Buttercups - If I Love You

PM742B The Buttercups - Losing You


PM743A Bobby Patterson And The Mustangs - The Good Ol' Days

PM743B Bobby Patterson And The Mustangs - Don't Be So Mean


PM744A The Beas - Dr Goldfoot And His Bikini Machine

PM744B The Beas - Where Do I Go From Here


PM745A The Crowns - She Ain't Gonna Do It Right

PM745B The Crowns - I Need Your Loving


PM746A Eldridge Holmes - Beverley

PM746B Eldridge Holmes - Wait For Me Baby


PM747A - Unverified

PM747B - Unverified


PM748A Betty Lavette - Only Your Love Can Save Me

PM748B Betty Lavette - I Feel Good (All Over)


PM749A Norman T Washington - Jumping Jack Flash

PM749B Norman T Washington - Spinning


PM750A Roy Docker - When

PM750B Roy Docker - Go


PM751A The Mohawks - Sweet Soul Music

PM751B The Mohawks - Hip Jigger


PM752A Lloyd Tyrell - Lulu Returns

PM752B Junior Smith - I Feel The Music


PM753A Premo And Joseph - Peace On Earth

PM753B The School Boys - Guilty Of Love


PM754A Bobby Patterson And The Mustangs - Busy Busy Bee

PM754B Bobby Patterson And The Mustangs - Sweet Taste Of Love


PM755A The Volumes - I Just Can't Help Myself

PM755B The Volumes - One Way Loser


PM756A Roy Docker - Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday

PM756B Roy Docker - I'm An Outcast


PM757A The Mohawks - Mony Mony

PM757B The Mohawks - Pepsi


PM758A The Mohawks - Ride Your Pony

PM758B The Mohawks - Western Promise


PM759A The Crowns - Call Me

PM759B The Crowns - Since You've Been Gone


PM760A The Buttercups - Come Put My Life In Order

PM760B The Buttercups - If I Love You


PM761A Billy Bass - I Need Your Love So Bad

PM761B Billy Bass - I'm Coming Too


PM762A Warren Lee - Underdog Back Street

PM762B Warren Lee - Just Like A Woman


PM763A Bobby Patterson And The Mustangs - TCB Or TYA

PM763B Bobby Patterson And The Mustangs - What A Wonderful Night For Love


PM764A - Unverified

PM764B - Unverified


PM765A Bill Moss - Sock It To 'Em Soul Brothers

PM765B Bill Moss - Sock It To 'Em Soul Brothers (Instrumental)


PM766A The Soul Partners - Walk On Judge

PM766B The Soul Partners - Lose The One You Love


PM767A The Showmen - Action

PM767B The Showmen - What Would It Take


PM768A Anna Walker And The Crownettes - You Don't Know

PM768B Anna Walker And The Crownettes - Ode To Billy Joe


PM769A The Conroy Cannon Mission - Oh Happy Day

PM769B The Conroy Cannon Mission - Can't Get Along Without You


PM770A Joyce Bond - Mr Pitiful

PM770B Joyce Bond And Little John - Let's Get Married


PM771A Joyce Bond - Mr Pitiful

PM771B Joyce Bond And Little John - Let's Get Married


PM772A The Persians - The Sun Gotta Shine In Your Heart

PM772B The Persians - I Only Have Eyes For You


PM773A Bobby Patterson And The Mustangs - My Thing Is Your Thing

PM773B Bobby Patterson And The Mustangs - Keep It In The Family


PM774A Roosevelt Grier - Who's Got The Ball Y'all

PM774B Roosevelt Grier - Half Time


PM775A Clyde McPhatter - A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues

PM775B Clyde McPhatter - I Am Not Going To Work Today


PM776A - Not traced

PM776B - Not traced


PM777A - Unverified

PM777B - Unverified


PM778A - Unverified

PM778B - Unverified


PM779A - Unverified

PM779B - Unverified


PM780A - Unverified

PM780B - Unverified


PM781A - Unverified

PM781B - Unverified


PM782A - Unverified

PM782B - Unverified


PM783A - Unverified

PM783B - Unverified


PM784A Roosevelt Grier - C'mon Cupid

PM784B Roosevelt Grier - High Society Woman


PM785A The Other Brothers - Let's Get Together

PM785B The Other Brothers - Little Girl


PM786A The Emperors - Karate

PM786B The Emperors - I Got To Have Her


PM787A - Unverified

PM787B - Unverified


PM788A - Unverified

PM788B - Unverified


PM789A The Rudies - Give Peace A Chance

PM789B The Rudies - Theme From 'She'


PM790A Stranger Cole - Come Dance With Me

PM790B Stranger Cole - You've Danced With Me


PM790A The Soul Tones - Dancing Time

PM790B Bunny Barrett - Love Locked Out


PM791A - Unverified

PM791B - Unverified


PM792A Lloyd Tyrell - Birth Control

PM792B Val Bennett - Return To Peace


PM793A Clifford Curry - You Turn Out The Light

PM793B Clifford Curry - Good Humour Man


PM794A Spencer Wiggins - I'm A Poor Man's Son

PM794B Spencer Wiggins - That's How Much I Love You


PM795A Barbara Perry - Say You Need Me

PM795B Barbara Perry - Unlovable


PM796A Bill Moss - Number One

PM796B The Mohawks - Landscape


PM797A Clifford Curry - I Can't Get A Hold Of Myself

PM797B Clifford Curry - Ain't No Danger


PM798A The Mohawks - Skinhead Shuffle

PM798B Rico - Red Cow


PM799A Kirk Redding - Close Shave

PM799B The Untouchables - Prisoner Of Love


PM800A Sid And Joe And The Mohawks - Down On The Corner

PM800B Sid And Joe And The Mohawks - Who Is That Stranger


PM801A Bill Gentles And Bunny Lee's All Stars - What A Woman

PM801B Bill Gentles And Bunny Lee's All Stars - Sleepy Cat


PM802A Jeff Barnes And Bunny Lee's All Stars - Jeff Barnes Thing

PM802B Lennox Brown - Lover's Mood


PM803A Bunny Lee's All Stars - Annie Pama

PM803B Bunny Lee's All Stars - Mr Magoo


PM804A The Black Beatles - Reggae And Shout

PM804B Lennox Brown - The Green Hornet


PM805A Ferdinand And Dill - Take Back Your Necklet

PM805B Ferdinand And Dill - Blueberry Hill


PM806A Sketto Richards - Hound Dog

PM806B Sketto Richards - Black Girl


PM807A Noel And The Fireballs - Confusion

PM807B Noel And The Fireballs - We Got To Have Loving


PM808A Noel And The Fireballs - Can't Turn You Lose

PM808B Noel And The Fireballs - Skinny Legs


PM809A Bill Gentles - True True Train

PM809B Jeff Barnes - Give And Take


PM810A Owen Gray - Sugar Dumpling

PM810B Owen Gray - I Don't Know Why


PM811A Pat Rhoden With The Mohawks - Maybe The Next Time

PM811B Pat Rhoden With The Mohawks - Got To See You


PM812A Solomon Jones - Here Comes The Night

PM812B Rico Rodriguez - Jaded Ramble


PM813A The Marvels With The Mohawks - Love One Another

PM813B The Marvels With The Mohawks - Falling Rain


PM814A The Blossoms - Soul And Inspiration

PM814B The Blossoms - Stand By


PM815A Sonny Cox - Chocking Kind

PM815B Sonny Cox - Chocolate Candy


PM816A Shell Alterman - Got To Get You Off My Mind

PM816B Shell Alterman - So High, So Wide, So Low


PM817A The Marvels - Don't Let Him Take Your Love From Me

PM817B The Marvels - A Little Smile


PM817A The Marvels - Don't Let Him Take Your Love From Me

PM817B The Marvels - La La La


PM818A Laurel Aitken - Mary's Boy Child

PM818B The Gruvy Beats - Mary's Boy Child (Version)


PM819A The Marvels - Oh Lord, Why Lord

PM819B Nellie Hinds - Love Letters


PM820A Fitzroy Sterling - My Sweet Lord

PM820B Fitzroy Sterling - Darling That's Right


PM821A Carl Lewin - Knock Three Times

PM821B Sidney Crook's All Stars - The Whealing Mouse


PM822A Derrick Morgan - Love Bug

PM822B Derrick Morgan - My Dickie


PM823A Winston Groovy - Heaven Help Us All

PM823B Winston Groovy - Can't Do Without Your Love


PM824A The Youth - Fire Fire

PM824B The Youth - Jesus Keepeth My Soul


PM825A Joan Ross - No More Lonely Teardrops

PM825B Joan Ross - My Mama Told Me


PM826A Hopeton Lewis - Grooving Out On Life

PM826B The M Squad - Grooving Out On Life Version


PM827A Winston Groovy - Don't Break My Heart

PM827B Winston Groovy - How Long Will This Go On


PM828A Junior English - Jesamine

PM828B Sidney Crook's All Stars - The Flash


PM829A Willie Francis - Oh What A Mini

PM829B Willie Francis - Mini (Version 2)


PM830A The Classics - Sex Education

PM830B The Power - Soul Flash


PM831A Willie Francis - Oh What A Mini

PM831B Willie Francis - Mini (Version 2)


PM832A The Marvels - Do You Know You Have To Cry

PM832B The Marvels - Love Power


PM833A Lloyd Sparks - You Don't Care

PM833B Tony All Stars - Must Care


PM834A Jackie Brown - Living In Sweet Jamaica

PM834B Prince Tony's All Stars - Living In Sweet Jamaica Version


PM835A U Roy - Way Down South

PM835B Billy Dice - Take Warning


PM836A1 Max Romeo - Wet Dream

PM836A2 Lloyd Tyrell - Bang Bang Lulu

PM836B1 Lloyd Tyrell - Birth Control

PM836B2 The Classics - Sex Education


PM837A - Unverified

PM837B - Unverified


PM838A Eugene Paul - Beautiful Sunday

PM838B Eugene Paul - Take Care Son


PM839A Fermena - Come What May

PM839B Fermena And Ranny - Come What May (Version)


PM840A Alton Ellis - Girl I've Got A Date

PM840B Alton Ellis - Eat Bread


PM841A Junior English - Miss Playgirl

PM841B Junior English - Once In My Life


PM842A The In-Flames - Rocket Man

PM842B The In-Flames - I'm All Broke Up


PM843A The Heptones - You've Lost That Loving Feeling

PM843B Rupie Edwards' All Stars - Feeling Version


PM844A Ken Parker - Shake It Lose

PM844B Ken Parker And Tommy McCook - Shaking Version


PM845A John Holt - I'll Always Love You

PM845B Slim Smith - 3x7 Rock And Roll


PM846A The Maytones - I'm Feeling Lonely

PM846B The Maytones - Lonely Version


PM847A The Clarendonians - This Is My Story

PM847B Val Bennett - Caldonia


PM848A Stranger Cole - The House Where Bombo Lives

PM848B Stranger Cole - Our High School Dance


PM849A - Unverified

PM849B - Unverified


PM850A Slim Smith - The Time Has Come

PM850B Rico And The Aggrovators - The Time Has Come (Version)


PM851A Phil Pratt All Stars - Feel Good All Over

PM851B Keble Drummond - Dangerous


PM852A John Holt - Pledging My Love

PM852B James Brown - I Will Know What To Do


PM853A Charley And Fay - Big Seven

PM853B Charley Ace And Youth Professionals - Ace And The Professionals Version


PM854A I Roy - Cowtown Skank

PM854B Augustus Pablo - Cowtown Skank Version


PM855A - Not traced

PM855B - Not traced


PM856A The Clarendonians - Good Hearted Woman

PM856B Cornel Campbell - What Happens


PM857A Junior Byles - Fever

PM857B The Groovers - Soul Sister


PM858A Lloyd Tyrell - Big Eight

PM858B Junior Byles - Auntie Lulu


PM859A Shenley Duffas - At The End

PM859B Shenley Duffas - Goodnight My Love


PM860A Bobby Floyd - Sound Doctor

PM860B Young Dillinger - Doctor Skank


PM861A - Unverified

PM861B - Unverified


PM862A Jerry Lewis - The Godfather

PM862B Alton Ellis - Some Day


PM863A Lloyd Tyrell - Big Eight

PM863B Lloyd Tyrell - Lightning Stick


PM863A Lloyd Tyrell - Big Eight

PM863B Junior Byles - Auntie Lulu


PM863A Winston Reedy - Big Eight

PM863B Ranny Williams' All Stars And The Classics - Instrumental Version Of Big Eight


PM864A BB Seaton - I Want Justice

PM864B Rupie Edwards' All Stars - Justice (Version)


PM865A - Unverified

PM865B - Unverified


PM866A Junior English - I Don't Want To Die

PM866B Junior English - Land Of Sea And Sand


PM867A Eugene Paul - Power To All Our Friends

PM867B Ranny Williams' All Stars - Wicked And Dreadful


PM868A Junior English - Daniel

PM868B Junior English - Perfidea


PM869A Junior English - Daniel

PM869B Junior English - Perfidea


PM870A - Unverified

PM870B - Unverified


PM871A The Maytones - All Over The World People Are Changing

PM871B Volcano - Dubwise


PM872A Stranger And Gladstone - Dedicated To Illiteracy

PM872B GG All Stars - Dubwise


PM873A Larry Marshall - True Believer

PM873B The Flames - Water Your Garden


PM874A Billy Dyce - Woman Smarter

PM874B Shenley Duffas - Standing On A Hill


PM875A Max Romeo - Pussy Watchman

PM875B Cornel Campbell - You Are My Sunshine


PM876A The Twinkle Brothers - Village Ram

PM876B The Twinkle Brothers - Push It Inna


PM877A Father Sketto - Big Nine

PM877B The Untouchables - Old Lady


PM878A Junior Byles - Education Rock

PM878B Ken McKay - Nobody Knows


PM879A Fermena - Wonderful Dream (Erestu)

PM879B Fermena - Wonderful Dream (Version)



Second Series (1975)

PM4000A Pat Kelly - Sing About Love

PM4000B Pat Kelly - Sing About Love (Version)


PM4001A Justin Hinds - Sinners Where You Gonna Hide

PM4001B Justin Hinds - If It's Love You Need


PM4002A Bill Gentles - Darling It's You

PM4002B Bill Gentles - Car Pound


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