PSP Series Albums 1969-1970



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PSP 1001 Various Artists - The Lovely Dozen (1969)

A1 Lester Sterling - Reggae On Broadway

A2 Premo And Joseph - Peace On Earth

A3 Val Bennet - Reggae City

A4 Lester Sterling - Reggae In The Wind

A5 Lloyd Tyrell - Mr Ryha

A6 The Ethiopians - Reggae Hit The Town

B1 The Termites - Push Push

B2 Lloyd Tyrell - Lulu Returns

B3 Tommy McCook - The Avengers

B4 Derrick Morgan - I Love You

B5 The Versatiles - Spread Your Bed

B6 Alton Ellis - Diana


PSP 1002 Various Artists - Hey Boy, Hey Girl (1969)

A1 Derrick And Patsy - Hey Boy, Hey Girl

A2 The Flames - You've Lost Your Date

A3 Stranger Cole - Give It To Me

A4 Winston Sinclair - Another Heartache

A5 Derrick And Paulette - Give You My Heart

A6 Max Romeo - Blowing In The Wind

B1 Derrick And Paulette - I'll Do It

B2 The Melodians - Ring Of Gold

B3 Winston Sinclair - Come On Little Girl

B4 Eric 'Monty' Morris - Simple Simon

B5 Derrick Morgan - If Music Be The Food Of Love

B6 The Soul Cats - Choo Choo Train


PSP 1003 Various Artists - This Is Reggae Volume 1 (1970)

A1 Derrick Morgan And The Rudies - Moon Hop

A2 Owen Gray - Girl What You Doing To Me

A3 Pat Kelly - How Long Will It Take

A4 The Upsetters - Clint Eastwood

A5 Max Romeo - Wet Dream

A6 Ernest Wilson - Sentimental Man

B1 Stranger Cole - Pretty Cottage

B2 The Maytones - Sentimental Reason

B3 Derrick Morgan - Derrick Top-The-Pop

B4 Laurel Aitken - Jesse James

B5 The Hippy Boys - Cat Nip

B6 Slim Smith - Honey


PSP 1004 Various Artists - Reggae To The UK With Love (1970)

A1 The Progressions - Live Only For Love

A2 The Progressions - Summertime Rock

A3 Frederick McLain - So Long, Farewell

A4 Frederick McLain - Sunny Sunday Morning

A5 Barry Anthony - All I Need Is Love

A6 The Emotions - Love You Most Of All

B1 The Emotions - This Old House

B2 The Progressions - Fair Deal

B3 The Progressions - Are You Ready

B4 Frederick McLain - Tears Won't Help You

B5 The Progressions - Ain't That Crude

B6 The Progressions - The Dum Dum Song


PSP 1005 - Not Traced (1970)


PSP 1006 Derrick Morgan - Moon Hop (1970)

A1 Derrick Morgan - On The Moon

A2 Derrick Morgan - Oh Babe

A3 Derrick Morgan - Let's Have Some Fun

A4 Derrick Morgan - Man Pon Moon

A5 Derrick Morgan - Just A Little Loving

A6 Derrick Morgan - Moon Hop

B1 Derrick Morgan - Derrick Top-The-Pop

B2 Derrick Morgan - Give Me Lovin'

B3 Derrick Morgan - The Story

B4 Derrick Morgan - This Ain't My Life

B5 Derrick Morgan - Wipe Your Tears

B6 Derrick Morgan - Telephone


PSP 1007 Mood Reaction - Live At The Cumberland (1970)

A1 Mood Reaction - Roaring Twenties

A2 Mood Reaction - Problems

A3 Mood Reaction - Moon Hop

A4 Mood Reaction - Sweet And Dandy

A5 Mood Reaction - Liquidator

A6 Mood Reaction - Too Much Loving

A7 Mood Reaction - Live Injection

B1 Mood Reaction - Wet Dream

B2 Mood Reaction - Pop-A-Top

B3 Mood Reaction - Everybody Needs Love

B4 Mood Reaction - Red Red Wine

B5 Mood Reaction - Runaway Man

B6 Mood Reaction - All Change On The Bakerloo Lone


PSP 1008 - Not Traced (1970)


PSP 1009 - Not Traced (1970)


PSP 1010 - Not Traced (1970)


PSP 1011 - Not Traced (1970)


PSP 1012 Laurel Aitken - The High Priest Of Reggae (1970)

A1 Laurel Aitken - Jesse James

A2 Laurel Aitken - Mr Popcorn

A3 Laurel Aitken - I Got To Have Your Love

A4 Laurel Aitken - Sloop John B

A5 Laurel Aitken - Shoo Be Doo

A6 Laurel Aitken - Haile Selassie

B1 Laurel Aitken - Landlords And Tenants

B2 Laurel Aitken - Save The Last Dance For Me

B3 Laurel Aitken - Walk Right Back

B4 Laurel Aitken - Don't Be Cruel

B5 Laurel Aitken - Woppi King

B6 Laurel Aitken - Suffering Still


PSP 1013 - Not Traced (1970)


PSP 1014 The Upsetters - Clint Eastwood (1970)

A1 The Upsetters - Return Of The Ugly

A2 The Upsetters - For A Few Dollars More

A3 The Upsetters - Prisoner Of Love

A4 The Upsetters - Dry Acid

A5 The Upsetters - Rightful Ruler

A6 The Upsetters - Clint Eastwood

B1 The Upsetters - Taste Of A Killing

B2 The Upsetters - Selassie

B3 The Upsetters - What Is This

B4 The Upsetters - Ain't No Love

B5 The Upsetters - My Mob

B6 The Upsetters - I've Caught You



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