PMP Series Albums 1971-1973



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PMP 2000 The Watford Gospel Singers - Revival Time (1971)

A1 The Watford Gospel Singers - Non Stop Flight

A2 The Watford Gospel Singers - When Fair Haven I See

A3 The Watford Gospel Singers - Keep Moving On

A4 The Watford Gospel Singers - Turn Your Radio On

A5 The Watford Gospel Singers - Live With Christ Up There

A6 The Watford Gospel Singers - We'll Have A Wonderful Time Up There

B1 The Watford Gospel Singers - Deep With Sin

B2 The Watford Gospel Singers - Live In Glory

B3 The Watford Gospel Singers - This Is Like Heaven To Me

B4 The Watford Gospel Singers - Sing Unto The Lord

B5 The Watford Gospel Singers - In The Shadow Of The Cross

B6 The Watford Gospel Singers - Some Day


PMP 2001 Various Artists - Reggae Spectacular With Strings (1971)

A1 Pat Rhoden With The Mohawks - Maybe The Next Time

A2 Derrick Morgan With The Mohawks - I Wish I Was An Apple

A3 Owen Gray - Sugar Dumpling

A4 Norman T Washingtom - Sweeter Than Honey

A5 Winston Groovy - Here Is My Heart

A6 The Marvels - Don't Let Him Take Your Love From Me

B1 Errol Dixon - Something On Your Mind

B2 Ferdinand And Dill - Take Back Your Necklet

B3 Laurel Aitken - Never Love Another

B4 Derrick And Paulette - I'll Do It

B5 Tommy McKenzie Orchestra - Fiddle Sticks

B6 Slim Smith - For Once In My Life


PMP 2002 Various Artists - Straighten Up, Volume 1 (1971)

A1 The Mohawks - Let It Be

A2 Norman T Washingtom - Last Goodbye

A3 Little Roy - Without My Love

A4 Shell Alterman - Got To Get You Off My Mind

A5 The Viceroys - Chariot Coming

A6 The Maytones - Straighten Up

B1 John Holt - Gonna Give Her All The Love I Got

B2 Owen Gray - Bring Back Your Love

B3 Winston Groovy - Yellow Bird

B4 The Marvels - Someday We'll Be Together

B5 Winston Francis - Too Experienced

B6 The Versatiles - Pick My Pocket


PMP 2003 Various Artists - Something Sweet The Lady (1971)

A1 Pete Weston And His Orchestra (Vocal Dora King & Joe Marks) - Something Sweet The Lady

A2 The Rebels - Nice Grind

A3 Laurel Aitken - It Don't Sweet Me

A4 Bim And Clover - Big Head Walking Stick

A5 Derrick Morgan - My Dickie

A6 Count Sticky - Where It Sore

B1 Little Roy - You Run Come

B2 Lloyd Tyrell - Exposure

B3 Max Romeo - Fish In The Pot

B4 Gloria's All Stars And The Troubled Minds - Woman A Love In The Night Time

B5 The Soul Mates - Winey For Ten Cents

B6 Laurel Aitken And Girlie - Blues Dance


PMP 2004 Various Artists - African Melody (1971)

A1 GG All Stars - African Melody

A2 GG All Stars - Man From Carolina

A3 Lloyd Tyrell - Stand For Your Right

A4 Johnny And The Sensations - Warrior

A5 Winston Francis - Games People Play

A6 Lloyd Tyrell - Oh Me Oh My

B1 Bim, Bam And Clover - Immigrant's Plight

B2 Fitzroy Sterling - Freedom Street

B3 Charley Organaire - Salaam

B4 Rupie And Sidy - Return Of Herbert Spliffingon

B5 The Meditators - Look Who A Bust Style

B6 Slim Smith And The Uniques - Blessed Are The Meek


PMP 2005 Various Artists - This Is Reggae Volume 2 (1971)

A1 Fitzroy Sterling - My Sweet Lord

A2 Alton Ellis And The Flames - Denver

A3 The Classics (UK) - History Of Africa

A4 Sister - Feel It

A5 Joan Ross - Band Of Gold

A6 Winston Heywood - I'll Never Fall In Love With You Again

B1 Owen Gray - Groove Me

B2 Little Roy - Keep On Trying

B3 Alton Ellis - Back To Africa

B4 Alton Ellis - Lord Deliver Us

B5 Winston Groovy - Heaven Help Us All

B6 Max Romeo - Macabee Version


PMP 2006 Various Artists - Hot Numbers Volume 1 (1971)

A1 Owen Gray - Candida

A2 Max Romeo - Let The Power Fall On I

A3 Lloyd Jackson - Crackling Rose

A4 Rupie Edwards' All Stars - My Love

A5 The Upsetters - All Combine (Part 1)

A6 Carl - Knock Three Times

B1 Eugene Paul - I Found A Man In My Bed

B2 The Youth - Fire Fire

B3 DD Dennis - Nothing Has Changed

B4 Charley Ace - Do Something

B5 Pat Kelly - Talk About Love

B6 The Justins - Cholera


PMP 2007 Various Artists - Straighten Up Volume 2 (1971)

A1 Tiger - Guilty

A2 Dave Barker And The Charmers - Just My Imagination

A3 Eugene Paul - Farewell My Darling

A4 Max Romeo - Don't You Weep

A5 Derrick Morgan - John Crow Skank

A6 Winston Groovy - Free The People

A7 Slim Smith - My Girl

B1 Larry And Lloyd - Monkey Spanner

B2 The Righteous Flames - Love And Emotion

B3 Raphael Stewart And The Hot Tops - Put Your Sweet Lips

B4 Winston Groovy - I Wanna Be Loved

B5 The Classics (UK) - Cherrio Baby

B6 Winston And Pat - The Same Thing For Breakfast

B7 Ruddy And Sketto - Every Night


PMP 2008 Various Artists - This Is Reggae Volume 3 (1971)

A1 Mahalia Saunders - Piece Of My Heart

A2 Clancy Eccles - What Will Your Mama Say

A3 Roy Shirley - Hold Them One Two Three Four

A4 Alton Ellis - Blackman's Pride

A5 Sounds Combine - African Museum

A6 The Cariboes - Let It Be Me

B1 The Gaylads - Seven In One Medley

B2 Derrick Morgan - Standing By

B3 Tiger - Have You Ever Been Hurt

B4 Laurel Aitken - I Will Never Let You Down

B5 Ken Walker - One Minute To Zero

B6 The Gladiators - Freedom Train


PMP 2009 Various Artists - Hot Numbers Volume 2 (1972)

A1 The Slickers - One Night Of Sin

A2 Third And Fourth Generation - Rudies' Medley

A3 The Jaylads - Royal Chord

A4 Peter Tosh - Maga Dog

A5 Owen Gray - Sincerely

A6 Max Romeo - Rasta Bandwagon

A7 Pat Kelly - Soulful Love

B1 Winston Scotland - Buttercup

B2 David Isaacs - You'll Be Sorry

B3 Rip 'N' Lan - In The Ghetto

B4 Max Romeo And Niney - The Coming Of Jah

B5 Impact All Stars - Dandy Shandy Version 4

B6 Carl Dawkins - Walk A Little Prouder

B7 Owen Gray - You Gonna Miss Me


PMP 2010 Max Romeo - Let The Power Fall (1972)

A1 Max Romeo - Missing You

A2 Max Romeo - Puppet On A String

A3 Max Romeo - Crackling Rose

A4 Max Romeo - Chie Chie Bud

A5 Max Romeo - Black Equality

A6 Max Romeo - Let The Power Fall On I

B1 Max Romeo - Don't You Weep

B2 Max Romeo - Mother Oh Mother

B3 Max Romeo - Chicken Thief

B4 Max Romeo - Ginalship

B5 Max Romeo - Macabee Version

B6 Max Romeo - Batchelor Boy


PMP 2011 Winston Groovy - Free The People (1972)

A1 Winston Groovy - I Like The Way (You Kiss And Hug Me)

A2 Winston Groovy - I've Got To Find A Way To Get Maria Back

A3 Winston Groovy - Not Now

A4 Winston Groovy - To The Other Man

A5 Winston Groovy - Tell Me Why

A6 Winston Groovy - Yellow Bird

B1 Winston Groovy - Wanna Be There

B2 Winston Groovy - Don't Break My Heart

B3 Winston Groovy - Free The People

B4 Winston Groovy - Standing At The Corner

B5 Winston Groovy - The First Time

B6 Winston Groovy - Groovin'


PMP 2012 Various Artists - Reggae To Reggae (1972)

A1 Bob Marley And The Wailers - Lively Up Yourself

A2 Roy Shirley - Jamaican Girl

A3 Slim Smith - Send Me Some Loving

A4 Lloyd Sparks - You Don't Care

A5 The Groovers - I Want To Go Back Home

A6 The Melodians - This Tropical Land

A7 Junior Byles - Beat Down Babylon

B1 Errol Dunkley - Black Cinderella

B2 Lloyd Young - Butter And Bread

B3 Bob Marley And The Wailers - Screwface

B4 The Ethiopians - Solid As A Rock

B5 Gregory Isaacs - My Only Lover

B6 Lennox Brown - High School Serenade

B7 Max Romeo - Public Enemy Number One


PMP 2013 Pat Kelly - Soulful Love (1972)

A1 Pat Kelly - Talk About Love

A2 Pat Kelly - Soulful Love

A3 Pat Kelly - I Wish It Would Rain

A4 Pat Kelly - Rain From The Skies

A5 Pat Kelly - Bridge Over Troubled Waters

B1 Pat Kelly - How Long Will It Take

B2 Pat Kelly - That Special Love

B3 Pat Kelly - Steal Away

B4 Pat Kelly - It Couldn't Be

B5 Pat Kelly - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother


PMP 2014 Various Artists - Straighten Up Volume 3 (1972)

A1 Shirley And Charmers - Rum Rhythm

A2 DD Dennis - South Of The Border

A3 U Roy - Nanny Skank

A4 The Groovers - Bend Down Low

A5 Owen Gray - Greatest Hits Part 1 and 2

A6 The Marvels - Rocksteady

A7 Roy Shirley - A Sugar

B1 Max Romeo - Pray For Me

B2 John Holt - Linger A While

B3 Niney And Max Romeo - Aily And Ailaloo

B4 Derrick Morgan - Searching So Long

B5 U Roy - Way Down South

B6 Owen Gray - Nothing Can Separate Us

B7 Derrick Morgan - Plenty Of One (Medley)


PMP 2015 Various Artists - Sixteen Dynamic Reggae Hits (1972)

A1 The Hammers - Sugar Pie

A2 Dave Barker - Shock Of Mighty

A3 Owen Gray - Girl What You Doing To Me

A4 Tiger - Guilty

A5 The Upsetters - Clint Eastwood

A6 The Mohawks - Let It Be

A7 Derrick Morgan - Seven Letters

A8 Pat Kelly - How Long Will It Take

B1 Slim Smith - Everybody Needs Love

B2 Max Romeo - Let The Power Fall On I

B3 Laurel Aitken - Mr Popcorn

B4 Winston Shand - Throw Me Corn

B5 Eric Barnett - Bumper To Bumper

B6 Pat Rhoden With The Mohawks - Maybe The Next Time

B7 The Techniques - Who You Gonna Run To

B8 The Viceroys - Chariot Coming


PMP 2016 Various Artists - This Is Reggae Volume 4 (1972)

A1 Cynthia Richards - Mr Postman

A2 Slim Smith - The Time Has Come

A3 B B Seaton - I Miss My School Days

A4 Barbara Jones - Sad Movies

A5 The Maytones - I'm Feeling Lonely

A6 The Clarendonians - This Is My Story

A7 Max Romeo - Are You Sure

B1 The Clarendonians - Darling Forever

B2 Flowers And Alvin - Howdy And Tenky

B3 The Heptones - You've Lost That Loving Feeling

B4 The Hoffner Brothers - The King Man Is Back

B5 Tony Gordon - Ten Times Sweeter Than You

B6 Owen Gray - Hail The Man

B7 Junior English - Jesamine


PMP 2017 Various Artists - Straighten Up Volume 4 (1972)

A1 The Groovers - Soul Sister

A2 Jerry Lewis - The Godfather

A3 B B Seaton - Lean On Me

A4 Winston Reedy - Breakfast In Bed

A5 Cornel Campbell - My Confession

A6 Delroy Wilson - Here Come The Heartaches

A7 The Avengers - Life And All It's Dreams

A8 U Roy - Black Heart

B1 The Avengers - Hi-Jack Plane

B2 BB Seaton - I Want Justice

B3 Stranger Cole - Our High School Dance

B4 Les Foster And Ansell Collins - The Man In Your Life

B5 Junior Byles - Fever

B6 The Clarendonians - Good Hearted Woman

B7 Owen Gray - I Hear You Knocking

B8 Junior English - I Don't Want To Die



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