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OC1001A Sol Raye - Welcome Stranger

OC1001B Sol Raye - Until Then


OC1002A Danny Williams - Fare Ye Well Separate Ways

OC1002B Danny Williams - A Girl Like You


OC1003A Pat Kelly - Martin, Luther And John

OC1003B Pat Kelly - Never Could It Be


OC1A Dennis Brown - Little Green Apples

OC1B Dennis Brown - Perhaps


OC2A - Unverified

OC2B - Unverified


OC3A Max Romeo - Wet Dream

OC3B Max Romeo - She's But A Little Girl


OC4A Larry Marshall - Can't You Understand

OC4B King Tubby - Locks Of Dub


OC5A Claudette Miller - Tonight Is The Night

OC5B The Conscious Minds - Night Dub


OC6A Carlton Patterson - Dreadlocks Power

OC6B Carlton Patterson - Black Lash


OC7A Denzil Dennis - Never Found A Girl

OC7B The Inmates - Never Found A Girl Version


OC8A - Unverified

OC8B - Unverified


OC9A Freddie McKay - It De Hay

OC9B Phil Pratt All Stars - Dub Deh Yah


OC10A - Unverified

OC10B - Unverified


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