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NB1A The Rudies - Train To Vietnam

NB1B The Rudies - Skaville To Rainbow City


NB2A The Soul Tops - Rain And Thunder

NB2B The Soul Tops - Swing Baby Swing


NB3A Fitz And The Coozers - Cover Me

NB3B Fitz And The Coozers - Darling


NB4A Frederick Bell - Rocksteady Cool

NB4B Carlton Alphonso - I Have Changed


NB5A The Rudies - Engine 59

NB5B The Rudies - My Girl


NB6A Clancy Eccles - This Festival '68

NB6B Clancy Eccles - I Really Love You


NB7A Bobby Kalphat - Rhythm And Soul

NB7B Bunny And Ruddy - True Romance


NB8A Derrick And Patsy - Hey Boy, Hey Girl

NB8B Derrick Morgan - If Music Be The Food Of Love


NB9A Theo Beckford - Easy Snapping

NB9B Eric 'Monty' Morris - My Lonely Days


NB10A Alton Ellis - I Can't Stand It

NB10B Alton Ellis - Tonight


NB11A Bunny And Ruddy - On The Town

NB11B Eric 'Monty' Morris - Simple Simon


NB12A The Imperials - Young Love

NB12B The Imperials - Days Like These


NB13A Alton Ellis - Bye Bye Love

NB13B Eric 'Monty' Morris - My Lonely Days


NB14A Alton Ellis - La La Means I Love You

NB14B Alton Ellis - Give Me Your Love


NB15A Rico Rodriguez - Blue Socks

NB15B Rico Rodriguez - Solas Market


NB16A Derrick Morgan - I Love You

NB16B Junior Smith - Searching


NB17A The Termites - Push Push

NB17B The Termites - Girls


NB18A Lloyd Charmers And Johnny Melody - My Argument

NB18B George Dekker - Foey Man


NB18A Eric Barnett - The Horse

NB18B Eric Barnett - Action Line


NB19A Ronald Russell - Rhythm Hips

NB19B The Soul Rhythms - Deltone Special


NB20A The Soul Flames - Mini Really Fit Them

NB20B The Soul Flames - Soul Train


NB21A Devon And The Tartans - Let's Have Some Fun

NB21B Devon And The Tartans - Making Love


NB22A Max Romeo - Blowing In The Wind

NB22B Larry Marshall - Money Girl


NB23A Lloyd Tyrell - Mr Ryha

NB23B Lloyd Tyrell - After Dark


NB24A Laurel Aitken - Woppi King

NB24B Laurel Aitken - Mr Soul


NB25A Laurel Aitken And Girlie - Suffering Still

NB25B Laurel Aitken - Reggae '69


NB26A Winston Sinclair - Another Heartache

NB26B Winston Sinclair - Come On Little Girl


NB27A Derrick And Paulette - I'll Do It

NB27B Derrick And Paulette - Give You My Heart


NB28A The Flames - You've Lost Your Date

NB28B The Eternals - Little Girl


NB29A The Reggae Girls - Rescue Me

NB29B The Soul Mates - Unity Is Strength


NB30A Carl Dawkins - Rodney's History

NB30B The Dynamites - Tribute To Drumbago


NB31A The Maytals - My Testimony

NB31B The Johnson Boys - One Dollar Of Soul


NB32A Laurel Aitken - Haile Selassie

NB32B Laurel Aitken And Girlie - Blues Dance


NB33A Laurel Aitken And Girlie - Lawd Doctor

NB33B Laurel Aitken - Big Fight In Hell Stadium


NB34A The Uniques - Crimson And Clover

NB34B The Uniques - What A Situation


NB35A Laurel Aitken - Run Powell Run

NB35B Reco - A Message To You


NB36A The Crystalites - Splash Down

NB36B The Crystalites - Finders Keepers


NB37A The Uniques - I'll Make You Love Me

NB37B The Uniques - Lover's Prayer


NB38A The Ethiopians - Buss Your Mouth

NB38B The Reggae Boys - Rough Rough Way Ahead


NB39A Laurel Aitken - Save The Last Dance For Me

NB39B Laurel Aitken - Walk Right Back


NB40A Laurel Aitken - Don't Be Cruel

NB40B Laurel Aitken - Sloop John B


NB41A Winston Groovy - Island In The Sun

NB41B Winston Groovy - Work It Up


NB42A Winston Groovy - Hello Josephine

NB42B Winston Groovy - Champagne And Wine


NB43A Laurel Aitken - Shoo Be Doo

NB43B Laurel Aitken - Babylon Gone


NB44A Laurel Aitken - Landlords And Tenants

NB44B Laurel Aitken - Everybody Sufferin'


NB45A Laurel Aitken - Jesse James

NB45B Laurel Aitken - Freedom


NB46A Laurel Aitken - Pussy Price

NB46B Laurel Aitken - Gimme Back Mi Dollar


NB47A Laurel Aitken - Skinhead Train

NB47B The Gruvy Beats - Kent People


NB48A Laurel Aitken - Mr Popcorn

NB48B The Gruvy Beats - Share Your Popcorn


NB48A Laurel Aitken - Benwood Dick

NB48B Laurel Aitken - Apollo 12


NB49A Laurel Aitken - I Do Not Have Your Love

NB49B The Gruvy Beats - Blue Mink


NB50A Laurel Aitken And Girlie - Scandal In A Brixton Market

NB50B Girle - Soul Jerker


NB51A King Horror - Frankenstein

NB51B Winston Groovy - I Can't Stand It


NB52A Tiger - Souls Of Africa

NB52B Tiger - Dallas Texas


NB53A Winston Groovy - Standing At The Corner

NB53B Winston Groovy - You Send Me


NB54A Laurel Aitken - Babay Please Don't Go

NB54B Laurel Aitken - Nobody But Me


NB55A Winston Groovy - Yellow Bird

NB55B Winston Groovy - For Your Love


NB56A Laurel Aitken - I'll Never Love Any Girl (The Way I Love You)

NB56B Laurel Aitken - The Best I Can


NB57A Laurel Aitken - Reggae Popcorn

NB57B Laurel Aitken - Take Me Back


NB58A Winston Groovy - Here Is My Heart

NB58B Aitken Groovy Beats - Birds And Flowers


NB59A The Freedom Singers (UK) - Election

NB59B Fleece And The Live Shocks - Tomorrow's World


NB60A The Versatiles - Pick My Pocket

NB60B The Freedom Singers (UK) - Freedom


NB61A The Classics (UK) - Same Old Feelings

NB61B The Classics (UK) - So Much Love


NB62A Joel Lace - Nobody Else But You

NB62B The Live Shocks - Version Of Nobody


NB63A Laurel Aitken - Baby I Need Your Loving

NB63B Laurel Aitken - Think It Over


NB64A Tiger - Musical Scorcher

NB64B Tiger - Three Dogs Night


NB65A Laurel Aitken - Sex Machine

NB65B Laurel Aitken - Since You Left


NB66A Winston Groovy - Groovin'

NB66B Winston Groovy - Sugar Mama


NB67A The Inner Mind - Witchcraft Man

NB67B The Inner Mind - Night In Cairo


NB68A - Unverified

NB68B - Unverified


NB69A The Inner Mind - Pum Pum Girl

NB69B The Inner Mind - Freedom


NB70A - Unverified

NB70B - Unverified


NB71A The Classics (UK) - History Of Africa

NB71B The Classics (UK) - Honeybee


NB72A Laurel Aitken - Pachanga

NB72B Laurel Aitken - Pachange (Version)


NB73A Winston Groovy - Tennessee Waltz

NB73B Winston Groovy - Old Man Trouble


NB74A The Freedom Singers (UK) - Your Testimony

NB74B The Freedom Singers (UK) - Train Coming


NB75A Tiger - African Beat

NB75B Tiger - Blackman Land


NB76A The Versatiles - Give It To Me

NB76B Tiger And The Versatiles - Hot


NB77A Pama Dice - Ganja (?)

NB77B The Gruvy Beats - The Funky Mash


NB78A Laurel Aitken - Let True Love Begin

NB78B Laurel Aitken - The Best I Can


NB79A Sheila - Only Heaven Knows

NB79B Grant And Richards - Freedom Psalm


NB80A Larry And Lloyd - Monkey Spanner

NB80B Lloyd And Larry's All Stars - Monkey Spanner Version 2


NB81A The Marvels - Co Co

NB81B The Marvels - Hey Girl Don't Bother Me


NB82A Rupie Edwards' All Stars - Blackman

NB82B Rupie Edwards' All Stars - Tell The People


NB83A The Righteous Flames - Love And Emotion

NB83B The Righteous Flames - Love (Version 2)


NB84A The Jamaicans - Mary

NB84B The Conscious Minds - Soldier Boy


NB85A - Unverified

NB85B - Unverified


NB86A Carl Dawkins - Walk A Little Prouder

NB86B Youth Professionals - Walk Version


NB87A Joe Higgs - Mother Radio

NB87B Dawn Sharon - Little Deeds


NB88A Tiger - Have You Ever Been Hurt

NB88B Tiger - Our Day Will Come


NB89A Laurel Aitken - I Can't Stop Loving You

NB89B Laurel Aitken - El Paso


NB90A Roy Shirley - Hold Them One

NB90B Roy Shirley - Two Three Four


NB91A Errol Dunkley - Three In One

NB91B Rupie Edwards' All Stars - One In Three


NB92A Cock And The Woodpeckers - Valley Of Tears

NB92B Cock And The Woodpeckers - Because I Love


NB93A Cock And The Woodpeckers - Everyday And Everynight

NB93B Cock And The Woodpeckers - Fall In Love Everyday


NB94A Lorenzo - I Will Never Let You Down

NB94B Lorenzo - This Magic Moment


NB95A Lester Sterling - Iron Sound

NB95B Coxson's All Stars - Iron Sound Part 2


NB96A Rico Rodriguez - War Is Not The Answer Part 2

NB96B Lester Sterling - Unknown Title


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