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GAS100A Eric Barnett - The Horse

GAS100B Eric Barnett - Action Line


GAS101A Junior Smith - Gimme Little

GAS101B Junior Smith - Trip To War Land


GAS102A Fitzroy Sterling - Got To Play It Cool

GAS102B Fitzroy Sterling - Jezebel


GAS103A Lester Sterling - Reggae In The Wind

GAS103B The Soul Set - Try Me One More Time


GAS103A Lester Sterling - Reggae In The Wind

GAS103B Max Romeo - Blowing In The Wind


GAS104A Bill Gentles - Long Life

GAS104B The School Boys - Oh Tell Me


GAS105A Alton Ellis - Diana

GAS105B Alton Ellis - English Talk


GAS106A Eric Barnett - Te Ta Toe

GAS106B Milton Boothe - Lonely And Blue


GAS107A Nola Campbell - Pictures Of You

GAS107B Nola Campbell - Searching For My Baby


GAS108A The Melodians - Ring Of Gold

GAS108B The Melodians - You've Got It


GAS109A The Soul Cats - Choo Choo Train

GAS109B The Soul Cats - The Load


GAS110A Pat Kelly - Workman Song

GAS110B Pat Kelly - Never Give Up


GAS111A Stan Hope - The Weight

GAS111B Marcia Griffiths - Tell Me Now


GAS112A Roland Alphonso - 1,000 Tons Of Megaton

GAS112B Roland Alphonso - Musical Resurrection


GAS113A The Soul Rhythms - Soul Call

GAS113B The Soul Rhythms - Musical Gates


GAS114A Martin Riley - Walking Proud

GAS114B Lloyd Charmers - Why Baby


GAS115A Pat Kelly - How Long Will It Take

GAS115B Pat Kelly - Try To Remember


GAS116A The Melodians - Personally Speaking

GAS116B Lloyd Robinson - Trouble Trouble


GAS117A The Uniques - Ain't Too Proud To Beg

GAS117B The Uniques - Love And Devotion


GAS118A Baba Dise - Wanted

GAS118B The Sensations - I'll Always Love You


GAS119A The Shades - Never Gonna Give You Up

GAS119B The Shades - Let Me Remind You


GAS120A Ranny Williams - Throw Me Corn (Instrumental)

GAS120B The Hippy Boys - Temptation


GAS121A Tony And The Hippy Boys - Janet

GAS121B The Harmonians - Believe Me


GAS122A The Reggae Boys - Phrases

GAS122B The Reggae Boys - Give Me Faith


GAS123A Unknown Singer - Unchained Melody

GAS123B Unknown Singer - Pretty Blue Eyes


GAS124A Pat Kelly - Festival Time

GAS124B Pat Kelly - Festival Time Part 2


GAS125A Pat Kelly - If It Don't Work Out

GAS125B Pat Kelly - I'm Coming Home


GAS126A Nellie - I Who Have Nothing

GAS126B Nellie - You Send Me


GAS127A - Unverified

GAS127B - Unverified


GAS128A Vincent Brown - Look What You Are Going To Do

GAS128B Vincent Brown - Hold On To What You Got


GAS129A The Show Boys - People Are Wonderful

GAS129B The Show Boys - Long Time


GAS130A Eric Barnett - Pink Shark

GAS130B Eric Barnett - Swing Free


GAS131A The Clarendonians - When I Am Gone

GAS131B The Clarendonians - She Brings Me Joy


GAS132A Slim Smith And Doreen Shaeffer - The Vow

GAS132B James Nephew - Why Didn't You Say


GAS133A Carl Bryan and Johnny Moore - Stagger Back

GAS133B Cannonball King - The Creeper


GAS134A Cannonball Bryan - Waking The Dead

GAS134B Trevor And Keith - Got What You Want


GAS135A The Slickers - Ba Ba

GAS135B Glen Adams - Power Cut


GAS136A Mood Reaction - Too Much Loving

GAS136B Mood Reaction - Roaring Twenties


GAS137A The Desectors - King Kong

GAS137B The Desectors - Please Stay


GAS138A The Marvels - Sail Away

GAS138B The Marvels - Fight A Broke


GAS139A The Marvels - Someday We'll Be Together

GAS139B The Mohawks - The Rhythm


GAS140A Winston Sinclair - Row Your Boat

GAS140B Prince Tony - Mother In Law


GAS141A Glen Adams And The Reggae Boys - Leaving On A Jet Plane

GAS141B The Reggae Boys - Phrases


GAS142A The Ethiopians - Satan Girl

GAS142B The Matadors - The Pum


GAS143A Mood Reaction - Change Of Heart

GAS143B Mood Reaction - Runaway Man


GAS144A Pat Kelly - Tammy

GAS144B Pat Kelly - I'm Not Your Guy


GAS145A Pat Kelly - Striving For The Right

GAS145B Pat Kelly - When A Boy Falls In Love


GAS146A Pete Weston And His Orchestra (Vocal Dora King & Joe Marks) - Something Sweet The Lady

GAS146B Bim And Clover - Love Letters


GAS147A Eric Barnett And The Theo Beckford Group - Bumper To Bumper

GAS147B Eric Barnett And The Theo Beckford Group - Fat Turkey


GAS148A Errol Dixon - Something On Your Mind

GAS148B Errol Dixon - Need Love


GAS148A Mood Reaction - Change Of Heart

GAS148B Mood Reaction - Runaway Man


GAS149A - Unverified

GAS149B - Unverified


GAS150A Slim Smith - What Kind Of Life

GAS150B Martin Riley - It's All In The Game


GAS151A Alton Ellis And The Flames - Suzie

GAS151B Alton Ellis And The Flames - Denver


GAS152A Stranger Cole - Lift Your Head Up High

GAS152B Stranger Cole - Everyday Tomorrow Version 2


GAS153A GG All Stars - So Alive

GAS153B GG All Stars - Mercy Mr DJ


GAS154A Busty Brown - I Love You Madly

GAS154B Busty Brown - Greatest Love


GAS155A Ranny Williams - Pipe Dream

GAS155B Ranny Williams - Suck Suck


GAS156A Tony King And The Hippy Boys - Daddy Daddy Don't Cry

GAS156B Tony King And The Hippy Boys - I Like It


GAS157A Pat Kelly - I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

GAS157B Pat Kelly - Laura


GAS158A Pat - Teach Me

GAS158B Rhythm Rulers - Sea Breeze


GAS159A Norman T Washington - It's Christmas Time Again

GAS159B Norman T Washington - If I Could See You


GAS160A Hortense Ellis - To The Other Woman

GAS160B The Music Blenders - Raindrops


GAS161A Alton Ellis - Lord Deliver Us

GAS161B Neville Hinds - Originator


GAS162A The Hammers - Hotter Than Scorcher

GAS162B The Hammers - Someday Could See You


GAS163A Donald Lee - Work Out

GAS163B Donald Lee - Too Long


GAS164A Alton Ellis - Back To Africa

GAS164B Neville Hinds - Delivered


GAS165A Nora Dean - Greedy Boys

GAS165B Keith - Please Stay


GAS166A Hortense Ellis - I Shall Sing

GAS166B Hortense Ellis - Stand By Your Man


GAS167A Niney - Blood And Fire

GAS167B Roland Alphonso - 33-66


GAS168A Ernest Wilson - What You Gonna Do About It

GAS168B Dobby Dobson - Halfway To Paradise


GAS169A Ken Boothe - Give It To Me

GAS169B Ken Boothe - Why


GAS170A - Unverified

GAS170B - Unverified


GAS171A Pat Kelly - I Love You Madly

GAS171B Pat Kelly - With All Your Heart


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