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ES801A Kid Gungo - Hold The Pussy

ES801B King Cannon - Wha'ppen


ES802A Calypso Joe - The Big Race

ES802B Calypso Joe - Calulo


ES803A Vincent Foster - Shine Eye Girl

ES803B King Cannon - Who's Next


ES804A Glen Adams - Rich In Love

ES804B The Woodpeckers - Zumbelly


ES805A Tony Scott - What Am I To Do

ES805B Tony Scott - Bring Back That Smile


ES806A The Jamaicans - Early In The Morning

ES806B The Jamaicans - Mr Lonely


ES807A Stranger And Patsy - My Love

ES807B Sweet Confusion - Windsor Castle


ES807A Count Sticky - Musical Bop

ES807B Count Sticky - Where It Sore


ES808A Marcia Griffiths - Don't Let Me Down

ES808B The Reggaeites - Romper Room


ES809A Sweet Confusion - Elizabethan Serenade

ES809B Sweet Confusion - Don At Rest


ES810A Stranger Cole - Pretty Cottage

ES810B Stranger Cole - To Me


ES811A Stranger And Patsy - Why Did You

ES811B Stranger And Patsy - Do You remember


ES812A Sweet Confusion - Hotter Scorcher

ES812B Sweet Confusion - Conquering Lion


ES813A Unidentified Male Vocalist - Sad,Sad, Sad

ES813B Stranger And Gladdy - Wonderful Light Of The World


ES814A Lascelles Perkins - Please Stay

ES814B The Matadors - Voyage From The Moon


ES815A - Not Traced

ES815B - Not Traced


ES816A Tony Scott - Darling If You Love Me

ES816B Tony Scott - Saturday Night


ES817A Errol Wallace - Bandit

ES817B Aston Barratt - Family Man Mood


ES818A S S Binns - Boss A Moon

ES818B Bunny Lee All Starts - Brotherly Love


ES819A Stranger Cole And The Mohawks - Leana Leana

ES819B Stranger Cole - Nana, Na, Na, Nana


ES820A Lloyd Charmers - Shang I

ES820B Lloyd Charmers - Soul Of England


ES821A The JJ All Stars - Mango Tree

ES821B The JJ All Stars - The Removers


ES822A Busty Brown - Fight For Your Right

ES822B The Mediators - Soul Fight


ES823A Martin Riley - It Grows

ES823B Martin Riley - We Had A Good Thing Going


ES824A Bob And Marcia - Young Gifted And Black

ES824B Barrington Biggs - My Cheri Amour


ES824A Denzil and Jennifer - Young Gifted And Black

ES824B Owen Gray - I Am Satisfied


ES825A The Kurass - Stampede

ES825B King Stitt - You Were Meant For Me


ES826A Stranger Cole - Remember

ES826B Stranger Cole - Loneliness


ERT827A Fitzroy And Harry - Pop A Top Train

ERT827B Fitzroy And Harry - Doing The Moonwalk


ERT828A - Unverified

ERT828B - Unverified


ERT829A The Pacesetters - Bits And Pieces

ERT829B The Pacesetters - Nimrod Leap


ERT830A Stranger Cole And The Mohawks - Little Things

ERT830B Stranger Cole And The Mohawks - Till The Well Runs Dry


ERT831A Stranger Cole And The Mohawks - Everything With You

ERT831B Stranger Cole And The Mohawks - Picture On The Wall


ERT832A Stranger Cole And The Mohawks - Pussy

ERT832B Stranger Cole And The Mohawks - Let Me In


ERT833A Gregory Isaacs - While There Is Life

ERT833B Harry Young - Come On Over


ERT834A Family Man - Midnight Sunshine

ERT834B Gregory And Sticky - You Are My Sunshine


ERT835A GG All Stars - Man From Carolina

ERT835B GG All Stars - African Melody


ERT836A Lloyd Charmers - Ishan Cup

ERT836B Lloyd Charmers - Soul At Large


ERT837A Ranny Bop - Crock Iron

ERT837B Ranny Bop - Memphis Bop


ERT838A Barbara Andrws - Lonesome Feeling

ERT838B Ranny Bop - Hop Scotch


ERT839A Lord Spoon And David - Woman A Love In The Night Time

ERT839B Lord Spoon And David - The World On A Wheel


ERT840A Moose - Engine Number Nine

ERT840B The Kurass - Do It


ERT841A - Unverified

ERT841B - Unverified


ERT842A The Wailers - To The Rescue

ERT842B The Wailers - Run For Cover


ERT843A The Tartans - A Day Will Come

ERT843B Robi's All Stars - A Day Will Come (Version 2)


ERT844A The Mellotones - Work It

ERT844B Soul Man - Good Lover


ERT845A Busty Brown - Man Short

ERT845B Dave Barker - She Want It


ERT846A The Victors - Me A Tell Yuh

ERT846B Lloyd's All Stars - More Echo


ERT847A John Holt - I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door

ERT847B Uriel Aldridge - Set Me Free


ERT848A Willie Francis - Burn Them

ERT848B Willie Francis - Poor Boy


ERT849A Lloyd Clarke - Chicken Thief

ERT849B Stranger Cole - Tomorrow


ERT850A Little Roy - Yester Me, Yester You, Yesterday

ERT850B Matador All Stars - Yes Sir


ERT851A Slim Smith - My Love Come True

ERT851B Slim Smith - This Feeling


ERT852A Slim Smith - Life Keeps Turning

ERT852B The Uniques - My Conversation


ERT853A Bill Gentles - Bachelor Boy

ERT853B The Scorpions - Colour Rites


ERT854A Herman - Love Brother

ERT854B Aquarius - Love Brother (Instrumental)


ERT855A Lloyd Charmers - One Woman

ERT855B Dave Barker And The Charmers - What Should I Do


ERT856A - Unverified

ERT856B - Unverified


ERT857A The Conscious Minds - Peace Treaty

ERT857B The Conscious Minds - Brainwash


ERT858A Fitzroy Sterling - Girl Tell Me What To Do

ERT858B Fitzroy Sterling - Be Careful


ERT859A Slim Smith - My Girl

ERT859B Rico - Plus One


ERT860A The Charmers - Rasta Never Fails

ERT860B The Charmers Band - Rasta Never Fails (Version)


ERT861A Cynthia Richards - Love And Unity

ERT861B The Maytones - Wha No Dead


ERT862A Sounds Combine - African Museum

ERT862B Sounds Combine - African Museum (Version)


ERT863A The Groovers - Bend Down Low

ERT863B The Groovers - The Burning Feeling


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