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CR1A The Versatiles - Children Get Ready

CR1B The Versatiles - Someone To Love


CR2A The Ethiopians - Fire A Muss Muss Tail

CR2B The Ethiopians - Blacker Black


CR3A Derrick Morgan - River To The Bank

CR3B Peter King - Reggae Limbo


CR4A The Ethiopians - Reggae Hit The Town

CR4B The Ethiopians - Ding Dong Bell


CR5A The Versatiles - Spread Your Bed

CR5B The Versatiles - Worries A Yard


CR6A Val Bennet - Reggae City

CR6B King Cannon - Mellow Trumpet


CR7A The Ethiopians - I Am A King

CR7B The Ethiopians - What A Big Surprise


CR8A Derrick Morgan - Seven Letters

CR8B The Tartans - Lonely Heartaches


CR9A Ernest Wilson - Private Number

CR9B Ernest Wilson - Another Chance


CR10A Dennis Walks - The Drifter

CR10B George Grossett - Run Girl Run


CR11A Derrick Morgan - The First Taste Of Love

CR11B The Tartans - Dance All Night


CR12A The Viceroys - Work It

CR12B The Viceroys - You Mean So Much To Me


CR13A The Viceroys - Take Your Hand From Me Neck

CR13B The Paragons - Equality And Justice


CR14A The Carribeans - Please Please

CR14B The Matadors - The Destroyer


CR15A The Melodians - When There Is You

CR15B The Uniques - My Woman's Love


CR16A Vincent Gordon - Walking By

CR16B The Viceroys - Promises, Promises


CR17A Ernest Wilson - Freedom Train

CR17B Stranger Cole - You Should Never Have Come


CR18A Derrick Morgan - Don't Play That Song

CR18B Derrick Morgan - How Can I Forget


CR19A The Kingstonians - Hold Down

CR19B Barry York - Who Will She Be


CR20A Rudy Mills - Tears On My Pillow

CR20B Rudy Mills - I'm Trapped


CR21A Ernest And Freddie - Just Once In My Life

CR21B Glen Adams - Mighty Organ


CR22A Derrick Morgan - Mek it Tan Deh

CR22B Derrick Morgan - Gimme Back


CR23A Derrick Morgan - Send Me Some Loving

CR23B Derrick Morgan - Come What May


CR23A Derrick Morgan - Send Me Some Loving

CR23B Derrick Morgan - Gimme Back


CR24A Rudy Mills - A Heavy Load

CR24B Rudy Mills - Wholesale Love


CR25A Theo Beckford - Brother Ram Goat

CR25B The Starlighters - What A Situation


CR26A The Tennors - Baff Boom

CR26B The Tennors - Feel Bad


CR27A The Viceroys - Death A Come

CR27B The Matadors - The Sword


CR28A Derrick Morgan - Time Hard

CR28B Roy Richards - Death Rides A Horse


CR29A The Tennors - True Brothers

CR29B The Tennors - Sign Of The Times


CR30A Derrick Morgan And The Rudies - Man Pon Moon

CR30B Derrick Morgan And The Rudies - What A Thing


CR31A Bruce Ruffin And The Techniques - Long About Now

CR31B Lloyd Charmers And The Soul Stirrers - Come See About Me


CR32A Derrick Morgan And The Rudies - Moon Hop

CR32B The Reggaeites - Harris Wheel


CR32A Busty Brown - Broken Heart

CR32B Busty Brown - Tribute To A King


CR33A George Grossett - Greater Sounds

CR33B George Grossett - Live The Life I Love


CR34A Rupie Martin's All Stars - Last Flight

CR34B Rupie Martin's All Stars - Natural


CR35A Rupie Edwards - Long Lost Love

CR35B Rupie Edwards - Uncertain Love


CR36A The Tennors - I Want Everything

CR36B The Tennors - Cherry


CR37A Eric Barnett - Quaker City

CR37B Eric Barnett - Double Up


CR38A The Tender Tones - Devil Woman

CR38B The Tender Tones - Nobody Cares


CR39A Little Roy - Without My Love

CR39B Winston Samuels - Here I Come Again


CR40A Winston Blake - Big Thing

CR40B Rupie Edwards - Exclusively Yours


CR41A Rupie Edwards' All Stars - Never Miss

CR41B Rupie Edwards' All Stars - Redemption


CR42A Ernest Wilson - My Elusive Dream

CR42B Sir Harry - Hee Cup


CR43A The Kingstonians - The Clip

CR43B Keith And Tex - Tighten Up Your Gird


CR44A Derrick Morgan And The Rudies - A Night At The Hop

CR44B Derrick Morgan - Telephone


CR45A Ernest Wilson - Sentimental Man

CR45B Ernest Wilson - It's A Lie


CR46A Derrick Morgan - Oh Babe

CR46B The Thunderbirds - The Rat


CR47A Derrick And Jennifer - Need To Belong

CR47B Derrick And Jennifer - Let's Have Some Fun


CR48A Bim, Bam And Clover - The Pill

CR48B Tommy McCook - Spring Fever


CR49A Bim, Bam And Clover - Immigrant's Plight

CR49B Peter Austin And Hortense Ellis - Bang Shang Alang


CR50A U B Barrett - (Too Busy) Thinking About My Baby

CR50B U B Barrett - I Wonder


CR51A Derrick Morgan With The Mohawks - I Wish I Was An Apple

CR51B Derrick Morgan With The Mohawks - The Story


CR52A Derrick Morgan And Owen Gray - Take A Letter Maria

CR52B Derriack Morgan - Just A Little Loving


CR53A Denzil Dennis - Rain Is Going To Fall

CR53B Denzil Dennis - This Game Ain't Fair


CR54A Derrick And Jennifer - Rocking Good Way

CR54B Derrick And Jennifer - Wipe Those Tears


CR55A Jennifer Jones - Tennants

CR55B Rico Rodriguez - Western Standard Time


CR56A Bim, Bam And Clover - Disgusted

CR56B Bim, Bam And Clover - Fire In Mi Wire


CR57A The Commentator - My Dickie

CR57B The Kurass - Brixton Hop


CR58A D Morgan - I Can't Stand It No Longer

CR58B D Morgan - Beyond The Hill


CR59A Derrick Morgan - Endlessly

CR59B Derrick Morgan - Who's Making Love


CR60A Denzil Dennis - Having A Party

CR60B Denzil Dennis - Man With Ambition


CR61A Joan Ross - Band Of Gold

CR61B The Hammers - Midnight Sunshine


CR62A Derrick Morgan - Hurt Me

CR62B Derrick Morgan - Julia


CR63A Winston Groovy - I Like The Way (You Kiss And Hug Me)

CR63B Winston Groovy - Tell Me Why


CR64A Winston Groovy - I've Got To Find A Way To Get Maria Back

CR64B Winston Groovy - Wanna Be There


CR65A Rip 'N' Lan - In The Ghetto

CR65B Rip 'N' Lan - Something Sweet


CR66A The Invitations - Birmingham Cat

CR66B The Invitations - Now You're On Your Own


CR67A Derrick Morgan - Searching So Long

CR67B Morgan's All Stars - Drums Of Passion


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