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First Series (1969-1973)

CA10A The Techniques - Who You Gonna Run To

CA10B The Techniques - Hi There


CA11A The Inspirations - Down In The Park

CA11B The Inspirations - Love Oh Love


CA12A Eric 'Monty' Morris - Can't Get No Peace

CA12B The Upsetters - For A Few Dollars More


CA13A The Upsetters - Taste Of A Killing

CA13B The Upsetters - My Mob


CA14A King Cannon - Danny Boy

CA14B King Cannon - Reggae Happiness


CA15A Delroy Wilson - Sad Mood

CA15B Stranger Cole - Give It To Me


CA16A The West Indians - Strange Whisperings

CA16B Carl Dawkins - Hard To Handle


CA17A The Scorchers - Hold On Tight

CA17B The Royals - A Hundred Pounds Of Clay


CA18A The Mellotones - Facts Of Life

CA18B The Termiets - I'll Be Waiting


CA19A The Techniques - Everywhere Everyone

CA19B The Techniques - Go Find Yourself A Fool


CA20A Eric Fratter - Since You've Been Gone

CA20B Winston Hines - Cool Down


CA21A The Inspirations - Wonder Of Love

CA21B The Inspirations - Cinderella


CA22A Carl Bryan - Run For Your Life

CA22B The Two Sparks - When We Were Young


CA23A The Soul Cats - Your Sweet Love

CA23B The Soul Cats - Keep It Moving


CA24A Val Bennet - Midnight Spin

CA24B The Soul Cats - Money Money


CA25A Owen Gray - Girl What You Doing To Me

CA25B Owen Gray - Woman A Grumble


CA26A Harry And Radcliffe - History

CA26B Harry And Radcliffe - Just Be Alone


CA26A Karl Bryan - Baff Baff

CA26B Karl Bryan - The Creeper


CA27A The Maytones - Sentimental Reason

CA27B The Maytones - Lover Girl


CA28A Eric 'Monty' Morris And The Maples - No More Teardrops

CA28B Eric 'Monty' Morris And The Maples - Love Me Or Leave Me


CA29A The Hippy Boys - Cat Nip

CA29B The Hippy Boys - Cooyah


CA30A Lloyd Charmers - Confidential

CA30B Tommy Cowan - House In Session


CA31A The Sensations - Warrior

CA31B Johnny Organ - Don Juan


CA32A Winston Wright - Power Pack

CA32B The Two Sparks - Throwing Stones


CA33A The Soul Mates - Beware Of Bad Dogs

CA33B The Soul Mates - Short Cut


CA34A Owen Gray And The Rudies - Don't Take Your Love Away

CA34B Owen Gray And The Rudies - Two Lovers


CA35A Tony Sexton And Junior English - Nobody Knows

CA35B Junior English - Somewhere


CA36A Little Roy - Bongo Nyah

CA36B The Creations - Dad Name


CA37A Owen Gray And The Rudies - Every Beat Of My Heart

CA37B Owen Gray And The Rudies - Don't Cry


CA38A Young Freddie - Drink And Gamble

CA38B Lenox Brown And Hue Roy - King Of The Road


CA39A Bunny Lee All Stars - The Three Stooges

CA39B Bunny Lee All Stars - The Isle Of Love


CA40A The Federals - In This World

CA40B The Federals - You Better Call On Me


CA41A Lloyd Robinson - The Worm

CA41B Neville Hinds - Afro


CA42A The Little Roys - Gold Digger

CA42B The Matadors - The Mine


CA43A Little Roy - Scrooge

CA43B Little Roy - In The Days Of Old


CA44A Neville Hinds - London Bridge

CA44B The Scorchers - Things And Time


CA44A Nora Dean - Barbwire

CA44B The Barons - Calypso Mama


CA45A The Matadors - Dark Of The Sun

CA45B The Matadors - Dreader Than Dread


CA46A Little Roy - You Run Come

CA46B Little Roy - Skank King


CA47A The Maytones - Black And White Unite

CA47B Gloria's All Stars - Jumbo Jet


CA48A Gloria's All Stars - Jumping Dick

CA48B Gloria's All Stars - Newsroom


CA49A The Maytones - Since You Left

CA49B Gloria's All Stars - Bird Wing


CA50A Owen Gray - Don't Sign The Paper

CA50B Owen Gray - Packing Up Lonliness


CA51A Owen Gray - Bring Back Your Love

CA51B Owen Gray - Got To Come Back


CA52A The Little Roys - Fight Them

CA52B The Matadors - Dreadlock


CA53A Martin Riley - Catch This Sound

CA53B Martin Riley - Suspense


CA54A Stranger Cole - Everyday Tomorrow

CA54B Stranger Cole - Lift Your Head Up High


CA55A Sister - Feel It

CA55B GG All Stars - Serious


CA56A Dennis Alcapone And Lizzy - Everybody Bawlin'

CA56B Dennis Alcapone And Lizzy - Mr Brown


CA57A The Little Roys - Sellasie Want Us Back

CA57B Roy And Joy - Make It With You


CA58A Ron Sig - 1970

CA58B Ron Sig - 1970 Version


CA59A Roy Edwards - You Girl

CA59B Slim Smith And Roy Shirley - Facts Of Life


CA60A Owen Gray - Groove Me

CA60B Owen Gray - No Other One


CA61A The Maytones - Judas

CA61B The Maytones - Me Nah Tek You Lick


CA62A Delroy And The Tennors - Donkey Skank

CA62B Murphy's All Stars - Donkey Track


CA63A Sister - Hold On Tight (Do It Right)

CA63B The Maytones - Cleanliness


CA64A Winston Heywood - I'll Never Fall In Love With You Again

CA64B Fud Christian All Stars - La-Fud-Del


CA65A Pat Kelly - Talk About Love

CA65B Phil Pratt All Stars - Love Music


CA66A Max Romeo - Black Equality

CA66B Winston Blake - Big Thing


CA67A Pressure Beat - Heavy Load

CA67B Pressure Beat - Heavy (Version)


CA68A Dandy And Shandy - Rice And Peas

CA68B Dandy And Shandy - All The While


CA69A Delroy Wilson - Be My Wife

CA69B Joe Higgs - Hit Me Back Baby


CA70A Tiger - Guilty

CA70B Tiger - United We Stand


CA70A Tiger - Guilty

CA70B Tiger - Funny Funny Man


CA71A Winston Wright - Silhouettes

CA71B Winston Wright - That Did It


CA72A Stranger Cole - Crying

CA72B Delroy And Dennis - It Must Come


CA73A Owen Gray - Nothing Can Separate Us

CA73B Owen Gray - Girl I Want You To Understand


CA74A Dennis Alcapone - This Is Butter

CA74B Phil Pratt All Stars - This Is Butter (Version)


CA75A Rocking Horse - Running Back Home

CA75B Soul Syndicate - Running Back Version


CA76A Morgan's All Stars - I Love You The Most

CA76B Morgan's All Stars - Love You The Most Version


CA77A Martin Riley - When Will We Be Paid

CA77B Willie Francis - He's Got The Whole World In His Hands


CA78A John Holt - Linger A While

CA78B Lloyd's All Stars - Linger A While (Version)


CA79A The Gaylads - Seven In One (Medley) (Part 1)

CA79B The Gaylads - Seven In One (Medley) (Part 2)


CA80A The Gladiators - Freedom Train

CA80B Willie And Lloyd - Marcus Is Alive


CA81A Slim Smith - Spanish Harlem

CA81B Slim Smith - Slip Away


CA82A Max Romeo And Niney - The Coming Of Jah

CA82B Max Romeo And Niney - Watch And Pray


CA83A The Groovers - Put Me Down Easy

CA83B The Groovers - I Want To Go Back Home


CA84A Derrick Morgan - I Am Just A Sufferer

CA84B Derrick Morgan - We Want To Know


CA85A Max Romeo - Rasta Bandwagon

CA85B Max Romeo - When Jah Speaks


CA86A Max Romeo - Public Enemy Number One

CA86B Max Romeo And The Prophets - How Long Must We Wait


CA87A Errol Dunkley - Black Cinderella

CA87B Phil Pratt All Stars - Anniversary


CA88A Winston Shand - Audrey

CA88B Winston Shand - So Nice


CA89A Slim Smith - Take Me Back

CA89B Slim Smith - Where Do I Turn


CA90A Laurel Aitken - Africa Arise

CA90B Gi Ginri - Holy Mount Zion


CA91A Ken Boothe - Ain't No Sunshine

CA91B Lloyd And Hortense - You Are Everything


CA92A Charley Ace - The Ten Commandments Of Joshua

CA92B Gaby And Wilton - Only Love Can Make You Smile


CA93A - Unverified

CA93B - Unverified


CA94A Alton Ellis - Wonderful World

CA94B Fab Dimension - Wonderful Version


CA95A Cornel Campbell - My Confession

CA95B Pat Kelly - Daddy's Home


CA96A The Clarendonians - Darling Forever

CA96B Kenneth Wilson Allstars - Darling Forever Version


CA97A - Unverified

CA97B - Unverified


CA98A Ansell And Elaine - Presenting Cheater

CA98B Ron Wilson - Official Trombone


CA99A Tony Gordon - Ten Times Sweeter Than You

CA99B Tony Gordon - Fat Boy


CA100A B B Seaton - Lean On Me

CA100B The Now Generation - Samba Pati


CA100A B B Seaton - Lean On Me

CA100B U Roy - Black Heart


CA101B Lloyd Charmers - Out Of Love


CA101A Lloyd Charmers - Jamaica Song

CA102A Les Foster And Ansell Collins - The Man In Your Life

CA102B Ansell Collins - The Man In Your Life (Version)


CA102A Les Foster And Ansell Collins - The Man In Your Life

CA102B Derrick Morgan - I May Never See My Baby


CA103A Owen Thompson - Must I Be Blue

CA103B Owen Thompson - Blue Version


CA104A - Unverified

CA104B - Unverified


CA105A The Twinkle Brothers - Room Full All Full

CA105B The Twinkle Brothers - Room Full All Full (Version)


CA106A Sister - Everyday Is The Same Kind Of Thing

CA106B Shorty Perry - Sweat Of Your Brow


CA107A Roy And Joe - Rainy Weather

CA107B The Den Brothers - Rainy Weather Version


CA108A Dennis Brown - Baby Someday I'll Want To Know

CA108B Dennis Brown - Baby Someday I'll Want To Know (Version)



Second Series (1975)

CA2001A Carl Malcolm - Miss Wire Waist

CA2001B Justin Hinds - Wire Dub


CA2002A Roman Stewart - Wolverton Mountain

CA2002B Carl Pitterson All Stars - Wolverton Mountain (Version)


CA2003A Yvonne Harrison - Knotty Screw Face

CA2003B Underground Express - Face Dub


CA2004A Gregory Isaacs - Lonely Days

CA2004B GG All Stars - Lonely Days (Version)


CA2005A - Unverified

CA2005B - Unverified


CA2006A Ruddy And Sketto - Every Night

CA2006B Ruddy And Sketto - Ethiopia


CA2007A Laurel Aitken - La Vie En Rose

CA2007B Laurel Aitken - Spanish Eyes


CA2008A Gregory Isaacs - Dance With Me

CA2008B Gregory Isaacs - Dance Dub


CA2009A Barbara Jones - Everybody's Somebody's Fool

CA2009B The Sunshot Band - Everybody's Somebody's Fool (Version)


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